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Marta recently directed two episodes of the new hit Netflix series, "Gentefied" where she had the chance to help choreograph a dance routine. Episodes five and six were both directed by Marta and premiered in early 2020. From the NY Times: "A mariachi musician, introduced as comic relief, gets his own episode that reveals him as a soulful artist trying to keep his integrity; Ana’s mother evolves from a hectoring nemesis to a toughened survivor".


Marta directed a sixth season episode of the beloved Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin led Netflix series, "Grace and Frankie". In the episode, Robert's fussing irritates Sol. Barry presses Brianna and Mallory to make up. Frankie's date with Jack inspires a marketing strategy for the Rise Up.


Marta directed episode 7 of "Fear the Walking Dead" season 5. Marta enjoyed getting the chance to direct genre action sequences for the

first time. In the episode, Strand and Charlie seek safety. Dorie helps Dwight on his quest. Morgan stays focused on the greater mission. Elsewhere, Alicia refuses to give up.


Marta directed a second season episode of "Star Trek: Discovery" for CBS All Access, entitled "Light and Shadows".  Marta was tasked with introducing Spock and had the chance to direct a fight sequence featuring Michelle Yeoh. In the episode,  Burnham goes to Vulcan in search of Spock, where she unearths surprising family secrets. In researching what is left of the Red Angel's signal over Kaminar, Pike and Tyler end up in battle with time itself. Georgiou has a few tricks up her sleeve for Leland and Section 31.


In 2017, Marta directed episode 3 of HBO's critically acclaimed comedy series, "Insecure". In the episode, sexually frustrated Issa explores a new outlook on dating. On a girl's night out, Molly meets a promising new guy. Lawrence's new work friends test his commitment.

In November of 2015, Glamour Magazine held its' annunal Women of the Year Awards which featured short documentaries on each of the recepients. Each short was directed by a female director. Marta was chosen to direct the piece spotlighting five women connected to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting in Charleston, SC. Their powerful story of foregiveness is highlighted in the video below.

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"Valentine Road", Marta Cunningham's first feature, chronicles the 2008 middle school shooting of Lawrence King by his classmate Brandon McInerney. Over the course of three years, Cunningham interviewed family, friends, and teachers about their experiences with both boys as McInerney's trial took place. In order to prevent such tragedies from happening again, understanding why this shooting happened became an important part in the making "Valentine Road".


The documentary premiered on HBO with the Fall Documentary Series on October 7th, 2013 and has gone on to receive two News and Documentary Emmy Award Nominations.  The official HBO preview is available below along with a 2013 Sundance feature on Marta Cunningham and the film.


"Valentine Road" is currently available on DVD and iTunes. The film can also be found on HBO and HBO Go.




















For a more extensive list of Marta's directing and producing credits, please see her IMDB page
















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